There's a big difference between going with the flow and finding flow

Ever have those days when you look up and 2 hours have passed and it feels like 10 minutes but you can't believe how much you've gotten done? I LOVE when that happens, but unfortunately more often, I look up and 2 hours have passed and all I got done was respond to 3 emails, comment on a few social media posts and drop off my kids' lunches at school.

Flow is “a psychological state where a person is fully focused or immersed on an activity or task.” Those times when I experience it, I'm not worried about how many emails are stacked up in my in box, the dishes in the sink since I work from home or the person I forgot to text. I'm totally absorbed in one meaningful task at a time, I'm engaged with what I'm doing, and I'm totally effective and efficient.

The first step to finding flow is to love what you do. I've got that covered. But here's some additional tips I found useful to find that state of flow more often.

Choose a key item on your to do list. There’s work you love that’s easy and unimportant, and then there’s work you love that is more strategic and will make an impact on your goals and your bottom line. Start with the latter.

Find your peak time and quiet place. For me, that's blocking off a morning with no calls or meetings and going to a coffee shop where I don't have the distractions of home around me.

Get in your zone. I close down my email and my social media, I clear everything out of my workspace except what I need and have a cup of tea and water at the ready.

Evaluate. When you are done, celebrate what you accomplished. Or, if you got off course, take note of what prevented you from achieving flow and work on making it better next time.

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